We believe in quality workmanship using quality parts and materials to produce conveyors and machinery that are durable and purpose built for each application resulting in end products that are of the highest standard, reliability and efficiency.

We can supply:
  • FlexiLine Aluminium Profile Conveyors and Airveyors We are proud to introduce FlexiLine – the aluminium profile conveyor that is flexible, easy to assemble and modify, economically priced and ideal for most dry environment production lines. Aesthetically pleasing, flexible and capable of running a wide range of products.
  • Stainless Steel/Powder Coated Mild Steel Frame Conveyor We offer a wide range of conveyoring to suit various applications. Stainless steel frame conveyors for filling lines, dairies, etc. and powder coated mild steel frame conveyors for other specific applications.
  • Modular Chain Conveyors Various makes and widths of modular chain conveyors are manufactured to suit specific customer requirements and product sizes.
  • Roller Conveyors Various types of roller conveyors can be supplied, i.e. free running roller conveyors, driven roller conveyors manufactured in stainless steel or PVC rollers with stainless steel, powder coated mild steel or aluminium frames.
  • Pallet Conveyors Productive Systems can supply two types of pallet conveyoring, driven roller pallet conveyoring or chain driven pallet conveyoring depending on the client’s specific requirement.